To all Club Members

There appears to an increasing number of incidents involving verbal abuse towards referees across the association. This can be either a Mini Roo referee or an official referee. The behavior is contributing to referees dropping out of the game or refusing to attend certain venues on match days. This has been a continuing trend over the last few years.

The association or the club will not tolerate any conduct either on or off the field which damages the reputation of the club or the SSFA.

It would be more beneficial to encourage the referee, whether it’s a Mini Roo referee or an official referee. There are a number of young inexperienced referees around who themselves are learning their trade. We need to encourage them to continue not vernally abuse them to discourage them from refereeing. The more referees available the more chance these referees may grow and improve as a group. It will also assist to increase the number of linesman who can then support the referee.

Please be patient and think whether what you say to the referee is something that you would like to be said to yourself or your child. We are all only humans and we all make mistakes, referees are not perfect and are the same as any normal person. Just think before you speak (or yell!).

Thanks for your cooperation Engadine Eagles FC