Engadine Eagles Football Club

Duty Requirements

Duty Requirements

ROSTERED TEAM DUTIES  The successful operation of the Club requires parents and players to perform certain duties. Each week a team will be rostered to do the tasks detail below. Your team is responsible for coverage accordingly. Duty generally last for around 2 hours on a Saturday and 3/4 hours on a Sunday. Every effort is made to roster your team for duty on the days your team plays at home. Notification will appear on the website please ensure you check this. Managers are responsible of organising a roster for their team.
Please ensure when your team is on duty that you assist wherever possible.

Duties include:

GROUND MARKING (SET UP) – be at Anzac Oval by 7:00am or the time advised to mark the fields (if necessary), erect nets/goals, put up ropes (as necessary), position corner flags and disperse garbage bins etc. If you are not sure how please ask a committee member. Ground marking usually concludes by 8:00am. If there are any queries or assistance required please seek advice from the committee person on duty, they are there to assist and direct you as to what is required.

GROUND CONTROL – the Association requires clubs to appoint a Ground Controller to each field in use in addition to an official in the Ground Control room (this official will be from the Management Committee). This will generally  require 4 or 5 on a Saturday morning and 2 or 3 Saturday afternoon & Sunday.

A team will also be rostered for Ground Control concurrently with their canteen duties. Ground Control usually lasts for 2-4 hours and you will require 3 or 4 volunteers to assist.

CANTEEN & BARBECUE – each team is rostered a few times during the season to help in the canteen & work the barbecue. Generally 2 people are required for both. However, Saturday morning are generally busy and will require an addition 1 or 2 people. Please note children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the canteen or on the barbeque. (Due to insurance requirements this rule will be enforced). Parents with small children are quite welcome to have them play in the Club Room, however no bikes or balls will be permitted. Canteen & Barbeque duties usually last for 2-4 hours.

GROUND PACK UP – once grounds are no longer being used, it will be the responsibility of the team on pack up to put everything away this includes, bring in the goals, ropes, corner flags and bins. Clean the BBQ and equipment used on the BBQ.

Please note that due to small sided games, there is a requirement to bring in the smaller goals and prepare the full size fields ready for the games during the Saturday morning. You will be directed by the committee person on duty at the time as to what is required. Times will vary depending on finishing times.