Adult Referee Short Course 4 May 2022

Shire Football are running a pilot induction course for adults to become referees on Wednesday 4 May at Gymea Tradies (7pm - 9pm). This is a pilot short course because:
  • Attendees would not need to do any pre-work - it is just the 2 hour course on the single Wednesday night.
  • Attendees MUST be 18+ and MUST have significant playing or football/volunteering interest OR prior refereeing experience (even if just as a ground appointed ref)
  • There will be follow up mentoring and support on matches from experienced senior referees.
Because it is a pilot program, it is being capped at 15 persons. DOWNLOAD FLYER Despite it being a pilot short course, attendees will come away with a full qualification to referee. Cost is $200 (includes base uniform and equipment). Attendees will also need a paid “E” WWC Check to commence refereeing. Up front costs are low, and match fees for refereeing are up to $56 for most 90 minute matches - so since we are looking to recruit adults who want to referee semi-regularly in the Shire in 2022 the course cost will be quickly recouped . There is flexibility and control - we are not looking for an every week commitment, attendees who complete the course can choose whether to be available all weekend, or just for a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday - and we will try to work with their preferred grounds, grades and ages too. They are welcome to have weekends off from time to time, we just want people with semi-regular availability to referee to increase our coverage. This course is not suited to someone brand new to Football - we are running a full entry course on Sunday 1 May for that purpose. If a person is not available on the Wednesday evening, they could consider the Sunday morning full course instead Expressions of interest to