2021 Team Photos

To all U6/W6 to U16/W16 Coaches and Managers,
Please find below the schedule for the photos for the upcoming weekend of 22nd May. Generally we try and allocate home teams for photos. This year due to the draw, there are a number of teams who will be playing away over the next 2 weekends. Therefore, a number of teams who are playing away are scheduled for photos this weekend. This will also apply for the following weekend of 29th May.
We have tried to ensure there is enough time for photos before or after your game whether you are away or at home so you can travel or move between photos and your game. If you feel there isn’t enough time please let me know and we’ll see if we can accommodate a slightly different time slot.
The day is generally busy and to ensure it runs as smooth as possible it is appreciated that teams are ready at the allocated time, this is not the time to arrive but is the time scheduled for the photo. So please try and be organised. It’s probably best to meet at least 10 minutes prior to the allocated time. There are a lot of teams to get through and teams need to get to or from games.
Also, there are still a number of envelopes not collected, it is advised to have these prior to the day so parents can be organised and know what package they wish to purchase. Anyone who hasn’t collected them can do so on Thursday night between 6.30pm and 7pm.
If there are any issues or concerns please let me know.
Regards Col Berry EEFC Secretary