Download the full versions of the competition rules:


Match Cards

  • ensure all Match Cards are ticked and signed after the game
  • include all shirt numbers (where applicable)
  • include borrowed players, separate section at the bottom.
  • Players not playing need to be crossed off whether suspension or injury, where a suspended players name is not crossed off it’s deemed as though they played and will result in loss of competition points.

As from Round 4 the club incurs fines for incorrect completion, the fine is per infringement.


The Manager of the team is required to ensure that all equipment issued to the team is returned at the end of the season in an acceptable state. This includes the team bag, balls, shirts, markers and bibs.

If you require any additional or replacement equipment during the season, or have an questions regarding property, please contact Property Officer Deb Dumbrell on 0411 325 873.

Playing Shirts

If you are going to be short and are required to borrow players from another side, you need to ensure that you retain those shirts from the players who are unavailable. This is to enable those borrowed players to use shirts that are numbered correctly. Please ensure that playing shirts are only worn at the game. Shirts are to be collected after each game and ongoing inspections of the shirts’ condition should be noted. Any damaged shirts are the responsibility of the player/team and will need to be paid for at a cost of $35 per shirt for it’s replacement.


Under NO circumstance are the grounds to be used during the week for training while they are closed.


It is the discretion of the referee to allow interchange.

Borrowing Players

Please unsure that you are familiar with the rules regarding which teams you are allowed to borrow from.  Players are allowed to be borrowed 3 times. If this is exceeded you will lose your competition points.