To all Parents, players and members.

This is a quick message to remind you that at EEFC we try our best to do what is best for the club and our players.

I have been quite disappointed in some social media posts and talk between parents about our club in the way we operate.
We are all volunteers at this club, we don’t get anything out of this personally, we have no agenda’s, we are here to provide an avenue for your kids to participate in a sport they love.
If you have issues with the way things are done at the club feel free to let one of the committee know or take another step forward and join the committee to help out.
We have minimal help at the club and now that it has expanded to over 1000 players our job is harder.
Next time you want to say something negative about EEFC please think about the volunteers that provide your kids the opportunity to play football. They don’t have to be here, but are on there own will.
Without us there is no Engadine Eagles Football Club.
David Henson, Club President