Engadine Eagles Football Club

Rego Instructions

Rego Instructions

Welcome to MyFooballClub Registration at Engadine Eagles Football Club

There are more comprehensive information and guidelines from the FFA website below under Register Now > Guides. To avoid delays it’s strongly recommended you register online, you will be able to pay online (however there will be an additional cost involved) or you can bring a copy of your invoice to the registration days.

Go to the MyFootballClub website: www.myfootballclub.com.au to register.

Registering Using the Online System (Players registered within the last 5 years).

  1. From the above website, select “Register Now”.
  2. Select “Player Registration” from the bottom of the page.
  3. Select the most appropriate option, this will depend on your individual circumstance.
  4. Enter FFA No. and Password. If you are unsure you are able to find your FFA No. and Password from this screen as well. Follow the instructions below “Find Your FFA Number” and “Retrieving a Password”.
  5. When you log in for to register fro the current season for the first time select “Register”, within the section “Member Details”.
  6. Check that your contact details are correct. Amend if necessary. You will likely be required to input details for Parent/Guardian/Emergency Contact details.
  7. You are able to update photo if you wish. All updated photos must be in a passport style format (ie close up head shot), refer to the guidelines on the screen. There will be the ability to update photo’s at the clubhouse on the designated registration days.
  8. Once all details are checked, select “Next”.
  9. Type in our Club name which is “Engadine Eagles Football Club Incorporated (Club)”.  If re-registering this will probably default.
  10. Under “Select Registration choose “Player”.
  11. Under “Select Registration Package”, Select appropriate Club Package for your age group you are wishing to play. Ensure you select the correct package, details will be checked prior to registration acceptance.
  12. Then under Step 4 click on “Add Package”
  13.  Click Next.

Acknowledging Terms and Conditions

  • Read and Acknowledge all Terms and Conditions from FFA, FNSW, SSFA and EEFC. You can individually accept the terms and conditions or accept them all together at the bottom of the screen. Once accepted Click Next.

Payment Options

  • Should you be entitled to a Family Discount/(s, select “Purchase additional items” under “Step 1 – Additional Items”.
  • Select the discount applicable (refer to Registration information for details), if in doubt simply come to one of the designated registration days).
  • Select “Update Order”
  • Under Step 2 the revised amount should now be shown. Proceed to pay manual or online.

Manual (at Clubhouse)

  • Select “Manual Payment at Club”..
  • You will be sent an invoice via email.
  • You will be required to bring a copy of the invoice on the Registration dates provided to make payment and complete the registration process.
  • Select “Next”

Online (a transaction fee may apply, depending on timing)

  • Select “Pay Online”.
  • Enter Credit Card details as required.
  • You will be sent a receipt via email.
  • You registration will then be approved be the club, all details will be confirmed prior to acceptance..
  • Select “Next”

Answer Additional Questions

  • Save All Answers and Click Next if appropriate.

Your Registration is Now Complete in the system

  • You are now pending awaiting approval or pending awaiting payment.
  • Bring a copy of the invoice with you to the designated registration days for payment.
  • Payment must be completed, either on registration day or agreed time with the club registrar before registration is finalised and accepted.
  • At any stage you may go back into the system and view the status of your registration or print a copy of the invoice (again) either from the system of via Email.
  • If you are required to either update your photo, show either proof of age or residency this will need to be completed on the designated registration days.

Find Your FFA Number

  • Select “Need your FFA Number
  • Enter your First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth.
  • Click on “Search”.
  • This should return your FFA Number.
  • If not, check your details, the system is sensitive as to names and date of birth.
  • If still have trouble obtaining your FFA number use Where Do I Go for Help? in these instructions.

Retrieving a Password

  • Select “need a password”
  • Type in your Email address
  • Select “Reset Password”, hopefully this will match with the system and an Email will be sent with your new password.
  • If your email address does not match with data in MyFootballClub – Contact FFA support to update your email and log into the system.

Changing your Password

  • It would be recommended that you change your password to something you can more easily remember. You’ll need this for future registrations in following years.
  • Log into system using your FFA Number and Password.
  • Select “My Details” from left menu.
  • Select Change Password.
  • Enter new password and confirm password.
  • Select “Save”
  • You should receive an acknowledgement on screen “”Password Successfully Changed”. If not repeat process.

Updating your Details

  • You can log back in at any time to update your contact details if they should change. From your homepage go to My Details > Edit My Details to update your details.

Where do I go for help?

If you have any trouble with your registration you can use the following resources to help you.

  • FAQ’s on the website.
  • Player resources which are under Register Now and Guides.
  • Call FFA Call Centre (02) 8020 4199 particularly if you are having problems finding yourself or retrieving your password because your email is wrong.

If you have any difficultly in using the system please show up on registration day and we will register you in the usual manner.