Registrations for Season 2018

Please read this information carefully and retain for your records to ensure correct fees and registration requirements are presented when you register.

The association in conjunction with FFA have requested that all registrations are processed through an online system, refer to the following link The benefit is that you can register prior to the registration days below, print a copy of the invoice from the system, bring it along on the designated registration days and make payment. For the upcoming season you will again be able to pay online rather than attend one of the registration days, an additional transaction fee imposed by FFA may apply, we will waive this fee up to the last registration day. However, to ensure we provide assistance with the online process you will still be able to register on the days below where assistance will be provided. Please note that due to limited computer availability delays may be expected, particularly during peak times.

Registration Days

Player registrations for 2018 will be held at the Engadine Eagles Club Room, Anzac Oval on the following days:

Sun 28th January    4.00pm to 6.00pm
Sun 4th February    4.00pm to 6.00pm
Tue 6th February    6.30pm to 8.00pm
Sun 11th February     3.00pm to 6.00pm

All players who wish to play with EEFC in 2018 must be registered in the online system. All registration fees must be paid before registrations are completed, late registrations may not be accepted.
Please note – until all fees are paid, players are not covered by the insurance cover provided when training, and will not be included for grading purposes.

New Registrations

New players who have never registered with SSFA previously are to supply both;
– proof of age, includes original birth certificate or passport; and
– proof of residency, includes unaltered drivers license, Sutherland Shire Rate notice, lease agreement, recent documentation from government department or financial institution or school attendance documentation.
COPIES ARE NOT ACCEPTED – the originals must be sighted by either the Club President, Secretary or Registrar and will be returned.  To be eligible to play in the Under 6’s, players must have been born between 1st January 2012 and 31st December 2013.  All new players are required to bring the documents with them on the registration days provided. New registrations are still required to register online prior to registration days.


Photographs are required for all ages U10 and up. Photo’s will need to be uploaded in the following instances;

  • All U10 players (both boys and girls)
  • All U14 players (both boys and girls)
  • All U18 players (both boys and girls)
  • All new players U10 and older
  • All Returning Players in U21’s and older whose photo is more than 3 years old
  • Any photo not in the myfootballclub system.
  • Any photo which is dated and is not of an acceptable quality.

In order to play in the first game you MUST have an acceptable photo. The photo MUST be of passport style (and size). You will be be able to upload a new photo yourself, or attend one of the registration days and we can organise a photo to be taken.

On-line Registration system

It is compulsory for every member of the Sutherland Shire Football Association to be registered through the online system, regardless of which club is chosen to play. Please refer to the online instructions included for further instructions on how to register using the system.

For Season 2018 you will again be able to pay online, however please be aware there may be additional charges involved. These additional charges will be waived up to and including 11th February. Payments will still be accepted at the clubhouse on the designated registration days by either Card/Cheque or Cash.

When registering through the system, you will also be required to accept the terms and conditions, please read these (they are published on the website) and acknowledge acceptance as required. There are also some additional questions, please answer these as appropriate.

Registration and match fees for 2018

Registration Age Group Total to be paid at Registration
Nursery Squad $60
SSF U6’s $100
SSF U7’s – U9’s $150
SSF U10’s & U11’s $160
U12’s to U14’s $180
U15’s & U16’s $190
U18’s $205
U21’s and above $280
U21’s and above Students $245
Life Members $245

Dependant Family Registration Discount – The family discount is as per last season. A dependant family discount of $10.00 for the 2nd family member, $20.00 for the 3rd family member, $30.00 for the 4th family member and $40.00 for the 4th family member (etc for more). This is solely for the use of families who are paying for dependant children. It is to help parents who are trying to enable themselves/children to participate in sport together. It is not for independent siblings to claim.Discounts will only apply on Registration days; no discounts will be applied after registration days. Ensure you select the appropriate family discount add on as part of your package, particularly if paying online. If in doubt just attend one of the registration days.

Late registrationRegistrations received after 6th March will incur a late registration fee of $20.00, this is an administration fee imposed by the association.

Student Discounts (Insurance)

Student discounts will be available this season for those players playing U21’s and over, ensure you select the appropriate package.

Nursery Squad

The club has again decided to run a nursery squad this season.
This season we are requesting for all Nursery Squad players to register online. The process will be the same as for any player U6 and over. Proof of Age and Residency will not be required.
There is a nominal fee which will cover costs incurred by the club.
It’s expected that the squad will train on a Sunday morning around 9am for about an hour. This will run for the entire season excluding school holidays, starting on Sunday 8th April

Payment by EFTPOS/Credit card

The club has EFTPOS facilities available for payment; however please have another method of payment available in case unforeseen difficulties are experienced.


Enquires regarding registrations in all age groups should be directed to:

Colin Berry                   Junior Registrar                      M – 0403 163 228
Scott Vitelli                   Senior Registrar                      M – 0411 818 806


Grading of all junior players within the Club will commence from Tuesday, February 13th.   Detailed grading days and times for each age group will be advised when registering or can be obtained from the website.  Round 1 of the 2018 competition will be the weekend of 7th/8th April.

Coaching or Managing teams

If you are interested in coaching, assisting in coaching or managing a team please complete an application form on player registration dates.

Committee Positions

There are currently vacancies on the general committee – if you are interested in being involved with the club in this way feel free to talk to existing members at registration or any other time that suits you.  All participation is welcome.


Once again this season we will be seeking assistance through team sponsorship packages, if you are interested in providing financial support for the club, feel free to speak with either Gavin Knight (0412 698 205) or Kevin Wybron (0420 747 747)  All participation is welcome.

Traditionally registration days are an extremely busy time. Please be patient and ensure all required original documentation is on hand to ensure the process to move as quickly as possible. Your co-operation will be appreciated.

We look forward to seeing you for yet another exciting season!