Welcome to the Engadine Eagles Football Club.


There are a number of rules, regulations, codes and policies that all club members are required to follow.
These are designed to ensure the successful running of the club. These include,

  • Club Constitution – The club constitution provides information about how the club is run and the rules of the club.
    Changes to the constitution are required to be submitted in writing to the Secretary, 1 month prior to the AGM. The AGM is generally the last Friday in July. A majority vote is required for the changes to be incorporated into the constitution.
  • Codes of Conduct & Child Protection Policy – These are designed to ensure that all involved within the game, enjoy the game. These policies should be strictly adhered to.
    The Club’s Child Protection Officer for the 2017 season, is Tod Barden and he will look after the issues involving;
  • Wet Weather
  • Grading Policy
  • Duty Requirements

The Club’s playing strip consists of a blue and white shirt (provided by the Club), royal blue club shorts and socks.
This strip is registered with the Association and must be worn by all players when taking the field. The wearing of shin pads by every player is compulsory. Under no circumstances must a club shirt be altered. Never cut off excess length or remove the size tag.
If your team requires a shirt not necessarily standard with your age group, please ring Deb Dumbrell (0411 325 873), who will arrange a replacement.
To complement our on field uniforms, we also have available Club Supporter’s gear. These are reasonably priced.
Some items will be in stock and available through the canteen, while others are required to be ordered.
Please keep and eye on the website and Facebook, for information on orders.

It is also reminded the the shirts are the property of the club and at no stage does the player own the shirt.
Therefore, shirts are only to be worn at the game, not at training, before and after games, or by teams doing duty.

Keep an eye on the website and Facebook, for any functions to be held during the season.

When training actually commences, training times will depend on your team coach. The Club will arrange with the Association for Anzac Oval to be available for official training (date to be advised), likely to be available two weeks prior to the start of the season (i.e. 13th March). To assist with the upkeep of the fields, the Club requests that training exercises are not conducted in high use areas, such as the immediate area around the goal mouths.

If, due to wet weather, the fields are closed – no training can take place. Any team using Anzac Oval when grounds are closed, will incur the $1000 fine levied by the council.

Under no circumstances must the Rugby League field be used for training.

Mums and Dads, if you are interested in coaching, assistant coaching or managing a team, you are invited to complete the application form, which is available on registration, grading days or the website. Coaching or managing is a rewarding experience and does not take up too much of your time.
Please speak to Greg Brosens (0402 388 883) or Colin Berry (0403 163 228). We will be seeking coaches and managers on the final grading days, if you will not be available on those days please ensure you contact Greg or Colin before hand.
Please note that all Caoches and Managers are required to register online in 2017.
To help coaches and managers understand their role in 2017, a meeting will be held this season, on Friday 24th March.
The meeting will commence at 7.30pm and be held in the Eagles Club room. ID Cards will also be distributed on the night.

Social games are organised where possible, usually on the two or three Sundays, prior to the season commencing (due to Saturday summer sport commitments). Please note we will not be able to organise a social game for every team/age group in the Club.
Your coach/manager will be advised, if your team will be participating in any social games.

Currently there are still Committee positions vacant. These include, Canteen Supervisor and General Committee positions.
Don’t just leave it to a few members, have a say in how your Club is run and be a part of an excellent team. All welcome.
If you’re interested, please contact Greg Brosens (0402 388 883), Sharon Barden (0410 343 599) or Colin Berry (0403 163 228).

Once again this season, we will gain be seeking club members to nominate for an Age Coordinator. The position is essentially a key contact between the Club (predominately president and secretary) and the age group. It would be anticipated that the member would have some involvement with that age group, although it’s not absolutely necessary. If interested please contact either Greg Brosens (0402 388 883) or Sharon Barden (0410 343 599).

This will be open to Junior members aged 15 to 17, and they must have signed parental permission.
The role of these positions will be to assist with grading days, gala days and general assistance to Committee members on Saturday morning duty. If interested can you please complete a nomination form and return it to either Greg Brosens (0402 388 883) or Sharon Barden (0410 343 599). These are available on registration and grading days, or from the website.

Any child aged 13 or over this season, is eligible to become a Rooball referee. There’s no better place to start becoming a referee. You can earn extra pocket money, learn more about the game or just simply have a good time with the younger kids of the Club. If you are interested in becoming a Rooball referee please complete an application form, available on registration and grading days, or from the website. Please return it to Simon Guest (0411 057 198) or email
Alternatively, you can advise a Committee member on any of the registration or grading days.

This season we will again be running a nursery squad for kids aged 3-4. It is intended that this will be held on a Sunday morning, commencing at 9.00am on the 26th March.
Each session will last around 1 hour and will run throughout the season (excluding school holidays).
If interested in registering, please contact either Paul Carlson (0414 664 416) or Colin Berry (0403 163 228).
Please note that in 2017 it is requested that you register online, the same process will apply as for registering as a player. There is no need for documents to be sighted at this stage.